How to Email Professors for Masters & PhD Funding in the USA?

How to email professors for the USA scholarships?

A lot of students are unaware that the majority of scholarships for the master’s and Ph.D. programs are sponsored by university professors in the USA. So, it is very important to email USA professors to improve your chances of availing full scholarship. In this article, we will guide you on how to email professors and […]

Fulbright Scholarship Personal Statement and Study Objectives

Fulbright Scholarship Personal Statement Vs Study Objectives

Based on years of experience with Fulbright applicants, the common question we hear from students is: What is the difference between Fulbright Personal Statement and Study or Research Objectives? Therefore, for the 2024-25 Fulbright Applications, we have decided to write the key main points that students need to know while writing their Fulbright Personal Statement […]