Resume or CV Writing

How to write an effective resume or CV?

Professional CV Writing Writing a professional Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the most important element of your academic career as well as a professional career. This is by far the most neglected area. We have seen students who have exceptional academic profiles but fail to get decent jobs or scholarships as they ignore the […]

Recommendation Letters Guidelines

Recommendation Letter Guidelines

Guidelines of Writing a recommendation letters Recommendation letter should be written by the people who are going to sign the letter. Recently students have started writing recommendation letters by themselves which is not a good practice and will instead get you in trouble. Recommendation letters are taken very seriously by the admissions committee, they are […]

USA MBA Scholarships Step-by-Step Guide

USA MBA Scholarships Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Check the GRE requirement of the top 50 Business Schools in the U.S. To get an idea of the GRE mean score check the average for the top 50 or 100 schools. You should have an idea before embarking on your USA MBA Scholarship journey what type of school you want to go […]

USA Masters Scholarships – Step-by-Step Guide

USA Masters Admissions & Scholarships Step by Step Guide

USA Masters Scholarships Guide The US has always been a hub for post-graduation studies. American Universities not only help students acquire contemporary education but also help them network, socialize, and tap into the biggest business and professional market in the world, ripe with unlimited opportunities. A wide array of programs are available from various universities […]