Tips for Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Tips for writing a good SOP

Writing a good Statement of Purpose (SoP) requires time, effort, and some tips. Step 1: Start your SoP Early Give yourself enough time to draft an effective SOP, as it requires multiple revisions, and not everyone is good at writing compelling write-ups the first time. Step 2: Don’t just tell them – show them Don’t […]

How to score GRE 320 after GMAT failure?

How to Score 320 after GMAT failure?

How to Score GRE 320 Above all the details of conquering the quant section and blistering through the verbal section, know one thing. Two actually. There are only two things that will get you to your GRE 320 score: concepts and consistency. Without these two, you can drink all the magic potions and execute all […]