As an entity that teaches people to ace GRE, we get a bunch of these questions:

  • Why is GRE getting harder?
  • How hard is the GRE test?
  • Is the GRE hard?

Well, our answer to all these questions is very simple; the GRE test is tricky for sure, but it isn’t as hard as you think.

Let’s dive deeper into this very simplistic statement.

If you have briefly researched anything about GRE, you will be aware that the test content comes from secondary and higher secondary schools. Whether you talk about probability, reading comprehension, or anything else, it is all taken out of your high school. While that seems easy, most students forget all of this stuff as soon as they step out of high school.

None of the content will come from the university. That gives everybody a fair chance and frankly talking, increases the competition. The content is not difficult, you just need to be more mindful about it.

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What Makes GRE Tough for Candidates?

This is the more appropriate question to ask and I will tell you exactly why:

  • Questions are not becoming difficult but they are surely tricky. To ace the test, it is important to have the right understanding of the questions, understand it and then proceed to answer it.
  • If you haven’t practiced enough, you will spend more time on questions that will negatively impact your score.
  • Questions are more difficult and time consuming especially when it comes to scoring more than 160 points.
  • GRE is widely accepted for grad schools all across the world these days. Earlier, it was only accepted for Masters as well as doctorate programs in the business schools.
  • The concepts that form the contents of the tests are still the same. They are presented in a different manner however which makes solving the paper in time difficult.
  • The test takers want to bring the quant section at par with GMAT which has definitely alleviated the difficulty.
  • The questions are designed to test conceptual understanding which is a hurdle for students.
  • Most people are unable to solve the questions in under 2 minutes which makes time management a challenge and leads to poor score. The right tips and tricks will do the job.

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Why Do Students Find it Difficult to Score Higher?

Let’s dive into some other aspects that are a challenge for students:


Timing is one of the major concerns people have regarding the GRE test. If time was not a limit, most people would score significantly higher than they did. That’s where the right training and practice comes in. If you learn how to solve a particular question in the right time frame, you can bump up your score.

Use a Basic Calculator While Prepping

While prepping for the test, use a basic GRE calculator and learn the tips and tricks to solve certain types of computational questions. You can explore these tricks online or get help from a training resource.

No Writing Tools

In today’s day and age, we are so used to using a grammar and spell-check tool for every single thing that we write. When you are writing an essay in GRE, you won’t have the help of any such tools. Hence, when you are preparing for your test, it is best to switch off the tools while practicing.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any more questions, you can always reach out to us and our team would be happy to guide you. You can sign up to Scholarden for free to get access to the tricky practice questions that will help you understand the format and ace it. 

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Performance Analytics
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