Fulbright Interview Success Story

Fulbright Interview Success Story

Fulbright  Interview Nothing can beat the feeling of being selected as a principal candidate for the Fulbright Scholarship. Before I start to write anything about this beautiful journey, I would like to thank the Scholar Den Founder for guiding me through the whole process. I would especially like to mention the Mock interview that I […]

Fulbright Interview Questions & Overall Experience

Fulbright Interview Questions & Tips

It is a lengthy one, so make sure you read everything. It is important for you. So, this one is about my Fulbright Interview experience. Please ignore the grammatical mistakes and typing errors. It was a long document and I didn’t have time to read what I wrote. PRE-INTERVIEW TASKS: My interview was on the […]

Fulbright Success Story (PhD)

Fulbright Success Story PhD

 Fulbright Scholarships PhD Our attitude defines us as who we are and who we are going to be in the future. Environment is the major factor that determines the root of our attitude. Wasting time due to ignorance of its value makes us weak in different fields of life. Just letting time pass is not […]

Fulbright Scholarship Success Story – Yale University

Fulbright Success Story Yale University

Fulbright Scholarship Success Story – Yale University Yale, a name I grew up hearing with much awe during my childhood, sounded much like the enchanted school of Hogwarts. In fact, if someone were to tell me that after bashing through a grimy wall at a dainty old train station, I would end up studying witchcraft at Gryffindor, […]

How I Score 329 in GRE?

How to score 329 in GRE?

How to Score 329 on the GRE? Mine is a pretty oddball kind of story, so I am not sure it’s the best example to follow. Nonetheless, here goes. I initially planned on taking my GRE in the spring semester of my senior year. But I ended up taking on too much on my plate. […]

How to Improve GRE Verbal by 18 points from 136 to 154 ?

How to Improve GRE verbal by 18 Points?

Hi everyone; I am sharing my GRE success story for the GRE verbal section. I am sharing my improvement story by 18 points, from a score of 136 to 154 in verbal. This debrief can certainly serve those who have been struggling with Verbal Reasoning in GRE. Though I was disappointed so many times during […]

How I got a perfect score in GRE Math with 327?

How to score 170 in GRE Maths?

How to score 327 in gre math I scored 327 in GRE: 170Q, 157V, and 4.0 AWA I prepared for a total of 3 months with an ongoing job. Starting from the first official Power PREP II test. Having studied GRE Maths extensively during my Bachelors’ in Electrical Engineering, I was more concerned with the Verbal […]

How to Score 315 in GRE?

How to Score 315 in GRE?

I score 315 on the GRE Let’s cut to the chase and come to the point. I was planning to take the GRE Score for a long time but was not doing anything in this regard. Then one day I sat down and made up my mind. I am a software engineer and my office […]

How to score GRE 320 in 2 months?

How to score 320 in GRE?

GRE Success Story 320 My GRE scores are 320 (169 Q and 151 V). Duration: 2 months Though these GRE scores are not fetching me admits to my dream business schools but sharing my GRE story – hoping to be helpful to some of you. For Verbal: Two things I would like to share: 1.  […]

How I scored GRE 324 in one month?

How I Improved 16 Points On the GRE in one month?

How I scored GRE 324 I am an engineer by profession. The first time I took the GRE test diagnostic test (without preparation), I scored 308, after working hard and improving my weak areas and eventually scored 169 on Quantitative and 155 on Verbal, and 4.0 in AWA. Let me share my GRE test prep […]