Fulbright Interview Success Story

Fulbright  Interview

Nothing can beat the feeling of being selected as a principal candidate for the Fulbright Scholarship. Before I start to write anything about this beautiful journey, I would like to thank the Scholar Den Founder for guiding me through the whole process. I would especially like to mention the Mock interview that I had scheduled with him prior to the final interview. If it were not for him and his expertise regarding the Fulbright process, I wouldn’t be able to make the final cut.

Interview Call:

Getting a US education was something that I have aspired to for years. So I chose Fulbright as a mean to get it. I believe in aiming high, carrying out any task to the best of my abilities, putting my complete trust in Allah, and accepting that He is the best of Planners. I was hopeful that I would receive a Fulbright interview call, so it was the day of August 18 when I heard from USEFP that my interview was scheduled for the 28th of August. I was excited, but I was nervous as well because I didn’t have a good track record when it came to being interviewed. So, I consulted Scholar den Founder. Despite having a busy schedule, he engineered a Skype mock interview. That mock interview was the best thing that happened to me in this whole process; if it was not that mock, I would have spoiled the final interview.

Fulbright Interview Tips:

At the end, I would like to jot down some Fulbright interview tips that might be helpful.

  • Your interview begins the moment you open the door. Take a deep breath and enter at a reasonable pace.
  • First impressions do count; the way you meet and greet the panel will influence the rest of the interview.
  • It’s difficult to remain calm with many pairs of eyes staring at you; relaxation is key. Breathe and try not to be fazed by the style of questioning.
  • Try to strike up a rapport with each panel member. Don’t be put off by panel members scribbling down their impressions as you answer questions. Remember, the Panel has prepared thoroughly, and it has decided how it should record impressions. Don’t take it as “ indifference.”

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