How I Scored 322 in my GRE Test?

GRE 322

GRE 322 Profile Score:  GRE 322 (161 V, 161 Q) Time of preparation:2.5 months Time dedicated per week:1-2 hours on weekdays after office hours, 5-6 hours on weekends Verbal I completed 650-700 words from Scholarden wordlist. On test day around 95% of the words were from these words. I started doing vocabulary from Day 1, […]

How to improve GRE score from 300 to 330?

GRE Success Story 300 to 330

Hi, I will share how I improved my score from 300 to 330. I am an engineer with a major in Robotics. The first time I took the GRE diagnostic or mock test without any preparation was 300. My aim was to score 330, so I started preparing for the GRE test for around 3-4 […]

GRE Success Story 323

GRE Success Story 323

323 GRE Score Having graduated with distinction in Mechanical Engineering, it made all the sense in the world for me to apply for foreign scholarships. However, the biggest barrier always appeared to be the seemingly daunting task of taking the GRE exam. Such is the reputation of the test in the scholar community that anyone […]

PhD Success Story – Physics


GRE Test My journey to pursue higher education from abroad began from the time when I started my master’s despite having many problems. It was nearly impossible to do a masters in the experimental field with a full-time job and 5 hour-long commute with so many problems. Unluckily, my father died during 1st year of […]