GRE Success Story 323

323 GRE Score

Having graduated with distinction in Mechanical Engineering, it made all the sense in the world for me to apply for foreign scholarships. However, the biggest barrier always appeared to be the seemingly daunting task of taking the GRE exam. Such is the reputation of the test in the scholar community that anyone new to the test will definitely think of taking it as an arduous task. Using Scholar Den guides and resources, I was able to score 320 on the official ETS sample tests. My target was to get a Fulbright scholarship, hence I did not bother perfecting the craft and ended up taking the test anyway. The score turned out to be 323 gre score (166Q, 157V, 5.0A).

My advice to beginners would be:

  • Go for Scholar Den as a single stop for GRE Maths.
  • One excellent resource is the GRE resources at the Scholar Den website. It is very readily accessible and is a wonderful tool you can use anywhere to learn and practice your skills.
  • GRE is not beyond the technical capability of an engineering student. Just set aside a good 3-6 months, and those too only to give yourself a stress-free environment to study.
  • Begin with a target score in mind.
  • Don’t be afraid to commit a timeline. I could only take the test when I force-booked an appointment for myself.
  • ALWAYS stay in touch with the GRE Test Takers community. Scholar Den is by far the best (perhaps the only one) I have found. Otherwise, you will never know what you might be missing out on.

All the best in your endeavors!


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