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Taking shorter GRE practice tests before the actual GRE Test is an important aspect of the overall GRE preparation, and it’s equally important to know your time management skills. The core elements of the GRE test are concept, logical thinking, practice, timing, and stamina. One way or the other, the last three components are related to the GRE full-length Practice Test, also known as mocks.

The mock tests help you figure out where you stand in terms of preparation but also help you manage your test time. Without this repeated practice, doing well on the exam is nearly impossible. Consequently, participants who prepare well but do not take enough mock tests typically score low on the GRE test.

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Many other questions arise now that we have established the significance of mock tests.

How many mock tests do you take? When to take them? Which mock tests are better? What are the best GRE Practice Tests?

Let us address all these questions.

How many practice tests do you take?

At least 10 practice tests before the shorter GRE test.

If you are done preparing and are ahead of your schedule, or there is still plenty of time left till your test date, you can attempt more mock tests. This aims to get you enough practice for the big day! So, the more, the better. But at least 10 tests should be taken by everyone who wishes to appear and get a good score on the shorter GRE test.

When to take the mock tests?

When you should take the mock tests depends on your preparation plan. GRE experts recommend taking the mock tests at several intervals during your preparation phase. This will help you be informed of your preparation and practice throughout your preparation period. Taking all 10 tests together after completing your preparation is something that we do not recommend. Before you prepare, you should take the diagnostic test. The next one would depend on your preparation timelines, which are decided based on your score gap (Target Score – Diagnostic Test Score). If you have a three-month preparation plan, your next mock should be after four to six weeks. Ideally, you must have a second full-length practice test after you finish all the lessons. The remaining practice tests in the last month.

Practice Test Recommendations

We at ScholarDen recommend the best free online GRE practice test to our GRE aspirants. They are listed as follows in order of their preference:

  1. ETS Test
  2. Scholar Den Tests
  3. Manhattan Test

Educational Testing Service (ETS) Tests

These are the first preferences when it comes to GRE mock tests. ETS conducts the actual GRE test, which is why ETS GRE Practice Tests are the most reliable.

ETS mocks fall into two categories, i.e., free and paid.

Free Tests (ETS)

These are called PowerPrep Online; you can do free GRE practice tests online with the score. These include two online tests and two ETS paper-based tests (present at the end of the ETS books). You can access the two online tests once registered for the actual GRE test. These tests are easier in comparison to the actual GRE.

They measure your score for the Quantitative Reasoning and the Verbal Reasoning sections and not for the Analytical Writing section.

In short, the following mock is available online by ETS:

  •       POWERPREP® Online – Practice Tests 1

Paid Tests (ETS)

The PowerPrep Plus Online tests include three mock tests sold separately. These are full-length tests and unpublished questions. They measure scores for all three sections of the GRE test, i.e., Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Not only this, but they also offer explanations for the correct answers. This explanation is missing in the unpaid version.

The ETS-paid mock tests are as follows:

  •       POWERPREP PLUS® Online – Practice Test 1 (Price: $39.95)

Scholar Den Tests

The scoring algorithm of the Scholar Den Practice test is 100% accurate. Scholar Den has officially licensed questions that match the real GRE questions.

The real GRE questions have become trickier and more time-consuming since 2020, so the questions in this test are prepared using the latest skills and techniques judged by the official test makers. Scholar Den practice questions are more affordable than any other practice test.

The only downfall is that it has no verbal section.

Free Test (Scholar Den)

Scholarden has one free mock, closest to the actual GRE test.

  • New Shorter Practice Test 1

Paid Test (Scholarden)

Scholar Den has 6 paid Practice Tests. Each test costs $4, and all 6-practice test bundle costs $20, the most affordable practice test any GRE preparation company offers.

  • New Shorter Practice Test 2-6

Manhattan Tests

After taking all of the ETS Mocks, the best GRE practice tests, you can go for the Manhattan GRE Mock Tests.

These are a total of 6 tests. Of these, one is free, and the six mocks cost $49.

The Manhattan GRE Mock Tests are good for practice but are not considered accurate predictors of the GRE test score. There is always a plus/minus 5-point difference between your score on Manhattan mocks and the GRE test. Despite this difference, GRE Mentors always recommend Manhattan – 6 Mocks as their second priority.

Free Shorter Practice Tests

If you want to take every mock that you can get your hands on (for the sake of practice), there are quite a few free GRE practice tests for you. Following is a list of tests you can have access to for free:

  •       1 ETS PowerPrep
  •       1 Scholar Den Practice Test
  •       1 Manhattan Practice Test

You can take these 3 practice exams without paying a single penny. Seize this opportunity to solve as many of them as you can. This will help you improve your speed and acquaint you with newer questions.

ETS & Scholar Den Mock tests have always been our first preference. We encourage students to take these mock tests seriously as they will tell you much about where you stand and will predict your result on the actual test almost accurately. Our second preference is Manhattan Mock tests. These 6 tests are also very helpful. 5 of them will cost you a bit, but they will tell you (very accurately) where you stand with your GRE preparation. However, there are a few well-known mock tests, but we do not recommend them.

  •       Kaplan GRE Practice Test.
  •       Princeton Review GRE Practice Test.
  •       Barron’s GRE Practice Test.

These mock tests are okay for extra practice but not something you can rely on. Neither are these the accurate predictors of your GRE score, nor do they offer unpublished test questions. Therefore, these should never be the first choice of GRE aspirants.

We have covered all you want to know about GRE Mock tests, when and how to take them, and some general recommendations. Sign up for free and get access to our amazing practice tests.

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