GRE Step by Step Guide

Due to the abundance of GRE resources and many social media forums, you get confused about which resources to use and how to start your GRE preparation. At this stage, you need a step by step GRE guide, that should help you to stay focused.

You Must watch this video Step by Step GRE Guide :

Step 1: GRE Diagnostic Test

Before you start GRE preparation, the first step is to take the GRE Diagnostic Test via the official GRE Software “Power Prep 2”. You can take online tests i.e. FREE Manhattan Practice Test. This test will give you an accurate assessment just like a real exam to know more about the GRE exam, pattern, fee, etc, read introduction to GRE.

After you take the diagnostic test, analyze your test scores and compare them with your target score. The gap between the two scores will give you an idea, how much time you need to dedicate to improve your score. To know more about how much time do you need vs your diagnostic score, do read GRE Score vs. Preparation Time guide.

Step 2: Analyze your preparation

After taking the diagnostic test and analyzing your answers, focus on your weaknesses, learn all the concepts that you need to be brushed up. For example, if you have failed to answer questions related to quant you will have to focus more on it.

If you want to prepare for GRE verbal, read GRE Verbal Guide for Beginners

If you want to prepare for GRE Quantitative, read GRE Quant Guide For Beginners

Once you are clear on fundamental concepts, you should master the strategies and techniques recommended by GRE Global Coaching firms. To Know which books you should consult, read Best vs Worst GRE Books

Step 3: Practice Questions

After learning fundamental concepts and strategies, its time to practice questions. It’s very important to practice the skills you have learned. This will help you master the skills and consequently lead to a better GRE score.

Step 4: Full-Length Mocks

During your preparation, it’s very important that you take full-length mock tests on a regular basis and more frequently at the end. It is advisable to take mocks at least 2 to 3 weeks to gauge your progress and improvement. To build on mental stamina our advice is to take 10 to 12 mocks at the end of your preparation.

Reviewing your answers in the mock tests is of utmost importance in fact without it the whole process of practicing mock exams will fail to bear any fruits. Reviewing your answers and reading any explanation with the answers even if you have answered correctly is very important because you may have marked the answer correctly but might have used faulty reasoning.

Step 5: Register for the Exam

Register for the GRE General exam at least 10-15 days before your exam and take proper sleep one night before the exam, it is a very important factor and is sometimes overlooked by students. A good night’s sleep before the exam day can highly impact your score.

Test Day Tips

1.      Sleep well the night before the test, at least 9 hours of sleep will keep your mind fresh during the exam and you will be more focused to give your best shot.

2.      Do not cram or revise just before the test. It is advisable to give a few hours every day in the morning or just going to bed looking through the information you have learned over the last few months during the intensive preparation. Remember to take it easy in the last week of preparation and stay relaxed.


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