Every score in the GRE can be improved. It is easy to improve scores if you focus on your weak areas and seek guidance from an experienced mentors. However, score improvement has to do a lot with your prep time and skill improvement. The higher you want to improve, the more time you would need to prepare for it.

Over our years of experience of working with students of different skill sets. They were ranging from doctors, engineers, artists to lawyers and people from different backgrounds.

These students went to  private colleges and even those who went to public schools. Many students have improve their score.  Let’s discuss some recent examples.

ScholarDen’s GRE Success Stories: We are purposely hiding the names of students for the sake of anonymity.

  • Mr. B, when he came to us was very weak in both verbal and quantitative. The first time he took a diagnostic test, he barely scored 267 (GRE Lowest score is 260). We diligently worked with him, providing him with tailored and personalized content and mentoring, giving him reading material and practice questions to solve. Finally, with Bilal’s efforts and our input just in a matter of few months, he was able to make a jump of 33 points i.e. 300 GRE score.. 
  • Mr. M first attempt at a diagnostic was 289 and with a 2.7 CGPA. He applied and got rejected from all universities.  Later, he improved his score from 289 to 319. As a result, he  got partial funded scholarship in the USA.
  • Mr. S a graduate of an engineer, initially took a diagnostic test (without prep) and scored 303. Then, he joined a famous academy in Pakistan but improved his score by just 2 points. With our personalized mentoring feature, we helped him improve his score from 305 to 322 in two months. As a result, he managed to get into a fully-funded PhD program in one of the top leading engineering schools in the USA.
  • Ms R, another bright student, but weak in some areas, all she needed was some guidance and she was able to make a whopping improvement of 30 points from 300 to 330 in 3 months, hence, making to the Fulbright Scholarship.

These are just a few stories, we have hundreds of these. 

These students followed a guided study plans. Moreover, they followed their dreams. They had the zeal, zest and passion to improve and achieve their goal of getting a good GRE score. All we did was steer them in the right direction and they were able to make a life for them.

If you have a low GRE score, you can improve that score. Feel free to join the Facebook community of Scholar Den, where you can hear and see more stories and soon become one of these success stories yourself. You can also seek step-by-step FREE mentoring service on Scholar Den mentoring to know what areas you need to improve and which study plan to follow.


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