The New Shorter GRE Test in 2023
Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan

May 31, 2023
06 mins

The GRE Test, a nightmare for many test takers, will become a shorter version with fewer questions and one essay. Instead of a 3-hour and 45-minute test, the GRE will be shortened to 1 hour and 58 minutes.

The shorter GRE test will be effective from 22 September 2023.

What has changed?

Change # 1: Duration

The GRE® General Test will be shortened by approximately half the time from 3 hours 45 minutes to 1 hour and 58 minutes, effective 22 September 2023.

Change # 2: Number of Questions

In the current GRE version, the total number of questions is 80 for both quantitative and verbal sections. However, the new shorter version will reduce the number of questions to 54.

  • In the Quantitative section, the current version has 40 questions, excluding the experimental section. Whereas the new short version will have only 27 questions.
  • In the Verbal section, the number of questions has also been reduced from 40 to 27.

Change # 3: Section Time

The time to solve all questions within the quantitative section has also been reduced from 70 to 47 minutes. In the verbal section, the time to solve all questions has also been reduced from 60 to 41 minutes.

Change # 4: Analytical Writing Assessment (Essays)

You must write two essays in the current version: Issue and Argument. The argument essay has been eliminated from the test in the revised newer GRE. As a result, the essay duration has also been reduced from 60 minutes for two essays to 30 minutes for one essay.

Change # 5: Experimental Section Removed

The unscored experimental section also appears in the test in the current version. The experimental section will have an additional 20 questions. The test takers will not know which is an experimental section. This section makes the GRE difficult and more time-consuming. In the newer version, the experimental section has been removed as well.

Change # 6: Faster Score Report

In the current scenario, your score will be delivered after taking the GRE after 10-15 calendar days. But in the newer version, the official score will be delivered faster, within 8 to 10 calendar days.

Change # 7: Score Weightage of Each Question

With the reduced number of questions in each section, each question will have more weightage on the scoring scale, increasing the importance of every question toward the final score. With a low margin of error, a good score GRE will depend on your clear concepts and skill set.

Change # 8: Scheduled Break Removed

In the current version, there is a scheduled break of 10 minutes. But the break has been eliminated in the shorter GRE as the test’s overall duration has also reduced.

Comparison Between Current GRE and Shortened GRE Exam

What has not changed?

Style of Questions:

The shortened GRE style of questions will not change. In recent years, the GRE has become trickier and more time-consuming; therefore, it is recommended that you stick to the official material such as ETS and The content on is licensed by the GRE test makers, and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Feel free to take a diagnostic test.


The new GRE will continue to measure your quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical reasoning, and analytical writing skills.


The newer version of the GRE has no changes in terms of curriculum. The quantitative section covers all four chapters of Scholar Den, such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis. Similarly, the verbal section will test the same topics, such as sentence equivalence, reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and text completion.


There is no change in vocabulary, and you can continue to use GRE high-frequency wordlist for the newer test version.

Average Time on Each Question:

The average time spent on each question will remain the same. The average time to solve a Math question is 1.7 minutes, whereas the average time to solve a verbal question is 1.5 minutes.


GRE is a section-adaptive test. There are two sections for quant and verbal. The first section’s performance will decide the second section’s difficulty level. In the shorter version, it will remain the same section-adaptive test.

A New Shorter GRE Test Overview:

The overview of the test will be as follows:

Shortened GRE FAQ:

Where can I find the official material for the new shorter version?

The official curriculum and content are the same for the current and shorter versions; you can subscribe to and access the official content.

What is the breakdown of 27 questions in each quant and verbal section?

These details will be shared at the end of June 2023.

What the test will measure?

The test will continue to measure Quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing.

Is the shorter GRE still valid for admissions and scholarships?

Yes, the GRE curriculum is still the same and analyzes the same skills; only the test duration has changed. Moreover, it will still be a valid and reliable test for scholarships and graduate programs worldwide.

Which version of the test should I take?

If you are applying for business schools or other programs and your university deadline is in August, September, or early October, you should take the test before 22 September. Otherwise, we recommend you take the test on or after 22 September 2023.

Am I allowed to take the shortened GRE test at home?

Yes, you have the option to take it at home or at the center.

Will universities or scholarship programs use the shortened GRE any differently?

No, the short GRE will continue to assess all the skills required for the graduate programs.

When will the registration for the short GRE open?

Registration for the new shorter GRE is open now. To register, go to its website and register for a test date on 22 September or onwards.

Has the GRE test fee been reduced?

No, the fee remains the same.

If I have registered for the current GRE version before 22 September, can I reschedule it for the shortened GRE?

If you want to reschedule from the current GRE version to the shorter GRE, you will have to pay the reschedule fee.

I have registered for the shorter GRE. Can I reschedule it for the shorter GRE?

Yes, you can do a FREE reschedule via the ETS website.

How many times can I register for the GRE in a year?

Only 5 times in a calendar year, but the minimum days between the two GRE tests should be 21 days.

Are there any changes in the official scoring?


How long are GRE scores valid?

A shorter test will be valid for 5 years as well.

How will the university compare the performance of the two versions?

The curriculum and scores scales are not changing, and it won’t create a difference in which version you take. A score of 165 in Quant in the current version will be assessed the same way as in the shorter version.

Will there be any changes in which scores are calculated?

Yes, as there are fewer questions, but the total score is the same, more weightage will be given to the individual questions compared to the past. Similarly, the analytical writing section will be measured using one essay instead of two.

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