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Standardized tests like GRE require extensive practice. Mock exams can help build stamina and familiarize you with the test environment, timed conditions, and the type of questions that you can expect. 

In this guide, we will help you find the best GRE practice tests to take before your actual GRE exam.

Based on thousands of reviews by students and our mentoring experts, we’ve concluded that the best free GRE practice tests for the Verbal section are the ETS Power Prep 1 and PowerPrep2. Since these exams are designed by the same institution that conducts the actual GRE. However, we’ve also concluded that the Quant section of the ETS PowerPrep 1 and 2 does not accurately match the difficulty level of the real exam. For that, we suggest the ScholarDen Quant section – it is the closest you can get to the Quant section of the real GRE test.

Other best GRE practice tests free include the ScholarDen Mock 1, ETS Paper Tests, and the Manhattan Prep Free GRE Practice Test.

Read on to know more about these.

PowerPrep 1

The best way to mimic the real test conditions is to take a mock exam. PowerPrep 1 is part of the PowerPrep Plus Online tests that include three paid mock tests. All of these are full-length exams that include unpublished GRE questions and must be taken under timed conditions. 

After taking the PowerPrep 1 mock exam, you can receive a score for all three sections of your GRE. This includes quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing. In addition, you can view explanations of each answer after completing your test for a more thorough understanding of your mistakes. 

Since the PowerPrep 1 is so similar to the real GRE,  it will prepare you for the actual exam effectively. Your actual exam won’t scare you anymore, as you will have attempted a similar exam before.


  • Highly accurate scores for verbal reasoning
  • Similar to real GRE
  • An updated set of questions


  • GRE Quantitative reasoning questions are easier than real GRE
  • The score predictor is on the higher side

PowerPrep 2

Like PowerPrep 1, PowerPrep 2 is also one of the best mock tests for GRE preparation. To access this free practice test, you need to first register for the real GRE test at ETS website and pay the registration fee of $205.

PowerPrep 2 is an updated online GRE practice test designed by the ETS themselves. The test follows the same paper pattern, content, format, and difficulty levels as the real GRE. 


  • Easy access
  • Offers verbal reasoning and GRE quantitative reasoning practice
  • The computer-based exam offers the same testing conditions as real GRE


  • No practice for the analytical writing section

ScholarDen: Mock 1

Since the GRE is becoming trickier with each passing year, the ScholarDen mock exam is designed to give you a real test experience. ScholarDen’s set of questions replicates the real GRE questions by using the same skills and techniques tested by the examiners. 

If you are wondering how to grade the GRE exam practice tests, then ScholarDen does the job for you. Once you take this computer-based mock exam, you will receive your scores for each section. Like the other two free ETS tests, Scholarden also offers one free mock test.

However, remember that you will need a separate mock exam to test your verbal reasoning. The Scholar Den Mock 1 does not include a verbal reasoning section.


  • Similar to the real GRE
  • Best quantitative reasoning mock exam among all tests
  • Updated questions
  • Offers in-depth explanations 


  • Does not include a verbal reasoning section

ETS Paper Exam

ETS exams are the top choice when it comes to the best free GRE exam practice tests. Since ETS conducts the real GRE, their paper exam is one of the most reliable ways to test yourself. 

The ETS paper exam is a full-length mock GRE with unpublished questions. With this exam, you can test yourself on GRE quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing. 

However, the ETS paper exam is very similar to the PowerPrep exams. Since both mock tests are prepared by the same testing authority, you might find some repeated questions. In addition, the ETS exam is paper-based instead of being computer-based like the real GRE. This may not replicate true testing conditions. 


  • Official GRE questions
  • Great for verbal reasoning practice


  • Overlaps with the PowerPrep exam
  • Not computer-based
  • Outdated quantitative reasoning section

Manhattan Prep Free GRE Practice Test

To access this GRE exam practice test, you need to create an account on the Manhattan Prep website. Many test-takers prefer using Manhattan Prep mock tests because they offer in-depth explanations for every question. Even if you get a question wrong, you can check the explanation later to understand the rationale better. 

Similar to the real GRE, Manhattan Prep offers an online, computer-based exam. This helps test-takers familiarize themselves with the testing conditions as well as the time limit. 

All questions on the Manhattan Prep GRE test are of high quality and reviewed by multiple examiners. However, you might notice that the questions on Manhattan Prep are easier than the real GRE. 


  • In-depth explanations
  • Computer-based practice exam
  • Adaptive sections for practice


  • Requires you to make a Manhattan Prep account
  • The difficulty level is less than the real exam
  • Uses advanced vocabulary that is obsolete in the real GRE

Final Thoughts

After carefully reviewing all practice tests in detail, it is easy to say that the best free GRE practice tests for the Verbal section are the PowerPrep I and II. Both of these tests are designed by the ETS, the official testing authority for GRE. Once you take the mock, you would understand the real GRE test conditions.
However, for the Quant section, ScholarDen is the best choice. Its practice tests and mock tests match the difficulty level of the Quant section of the real GRE test. 

We recommend taking one of these best GRE practice tests free before you begin studying for the test. This gives you a good understanding of your strong and weak areas. Once you complete your preparation, start taking these best free GRE tests again to build your stamina, improve your speed and test-taking strategies before the actual test day.


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