Fulbright Application Last Steps
Faisal Kakar

Faisal Kakar

Jan 6, 2022
03 mins

Dear Fulbright Aspirants!!

With a few days left for final submission, there is no time to seek someone else help and then wait for a review. You all are well educated and can evaluate yourself on the given fulbright criteria. You can review your own essays based on the following points:

First Thing First!

The “English” should be correct. No grammatical, spelling, or tense mistake.
Secondly, there should be continuity in your sentences. Also, try to make equal sentences: neither too big nor too small.

Now for the Personal Statement:

It should reflect how you developed as a person based on the challenges faced. It should not only contain detail about what’s wrong with our country but how you managed to survive your conditions. Plus, how does your experience links with your field of study or your future plans?

It should clearly tell about how determined you are about this, your passion for your future goals, that thirst should be clearly seen from your essay.

Your statements should not show any kind of religious or political bias. Your harmony with other cultures is important, not only for this but for any scholarship because they expect you to understand their cultural and ethical values and respect them.

Most importantly and I have pointed this out to many who have sought review: You should be passionate about how can you help your country. and do not write the cliche sentences, be SPECIFIC about your role. Just don,t say I will work towards the betterment of my country and stuff.

And of course, it should be ORIGINAL, which will automatically make it UNIQUE.

For Study Objectives:
As the name indicates, you should be clear about your objectives.
What do you want to study exactly? Which topic to research? Make sure your research goals, objectives, and future plans are workable. Don’t say that I want to build an empire on Jupiter or something like that. Make sure your research goals are practical and can be implemented in a coming couple of years.

You should mention everything from your academia and extra-curricular which support your reason for higher studies in your respective domain. Be as specific as you can, do not leave out anything considering it unnecessary but also do not go into much depth. Cover all things briefly. If you have changed your field of study then it should be clearly mentioned WHY.

And as you have shown keen interest in the betterment of your country in your personal statement, this is your chance to make that very clear by linking it with your study objectives and the current condition of your country. Again do not go into much background detail, focus on what you want to do and how will that help rather than writing about issues faced by your country.

Lastly, you should be very clear about why the USA? what do you expect to learn from there? What element is missing from your degree taught here that you want to have it from the USA?

In conclusion, again mention your future plans:
What do you want to do after your education?



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