GRE Math Question Types

The thought of attempting the GRE Quantitative Reasoning measure fills many of us with dread. Plenty of general resources and a lack of guidance and outdated material cause the GRE to feel like a scary task. 

The new shorter GRE Quantitative Reasoning section includes four types of Questions.

  • Multiple Choice Questions: One Answer Choice 
  • Multiple Choice Questions: One or More Answers Choice
  • Quantitative Comparison Questions
  • Numeric Entry Questions

Students fear the math syllabus, but the GRE Math section does not test advanced-level math. It includes arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis taught in school. 

The GRE Quantitative section is designed to assess your: 

  • Understanding of basic mathematical concepts
  • Elementary-level mathematical skills
  • Ability to solve problems with quantitative methods 

The latest GRE questions are “tricky and time-consuming,” but worry not because you can ace this section of GRE Math with the proper concepts, practice, and strategies up your sleeves. 

You need rigorous practice to achieve your desired score. Otherwise, you might find brain twister problems on the test. The first step in your preparation should be to know the types of questions you will see on the GRE test.

Watch this video:

Expect to see these discrete questions or a part of a set of data interpretation questions.

4 Types of GRE Math Questions

Multiple Choice Question: 1 Answer

Questions of this type ask you to come up with only one answer from the list of five choices.

Tips for Answering 

  • If you come up with an unlisted answer in the five answer choices, assume that your answer is incorrect.
  • Analyze the question before answering it.
  • Check your computation twice. 
  • Try to use options instead of solving them.

Multiple Choice Questions: 1 or More Answer

These questions do not state a specified number of answers. There may be more than one correct answer. 

Tips for Answering

  • Do as the instructions say; select the exact number of answers you need. 
  • GRE does not give partial credit. Make sure to select all correct answers. 
  • In some questions, you can start by eliminating incorrect answers first. 
  • Use numerical patterns and avoid lengthy computations.
  • There may be only one or all five correct answers.

Quantitative Comparison Questions

This type of question asks you to compare two quantities. You have to determine which answer choices describe the comparison. 

These comparisons can be posed in a mathematical setting, real-life setting, or presented as word problems. You must be able to interpret these questions mathematically. The idea is to assess your ability to reason and solve problems with the quantitative method. 

Tips for Answering 

  • Quantitative comparison questions have the same answer options. Familiarize yourself with them to save time. 
  • Plug in easy numbers into algebraic expressions to get the correct answer. 
  • Try simplifying the comparison when you can not find the relationship.

Numeric Entry Questions 

Numeric Entry Questions do not require selecting an option. You will have to enter your answer in a box. 

Questions of this type ask you to type your answer as an integer, decimal, or fraction. Pay attention to the question to ensure you provide the type of answer required.

Tips for Answering 

  • Double-check your answer by reevaluating your solution method. 
  • Round your answer to the required degree of accuracy when asked. Otherwise, enter the exact answer you got. 
  • Pay extra attention to the units such as feet or miles, millions or billions. 
  • Make sure you answer fractions in two boxes – one box is for the numerator, another is for the denominator. 

Data Interpretation Sets

Data Interpretation questions refer to the same data presented in tables, graphs, or figures. 

Test takers are required to interpret or analyze the data provided. This group of questions can include multiple choice, numeric entry, quantitative comparison, or all.

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