When should I start preparing for GRE math? How do I find my weak and strong math areas? How close am I to my target GRE score? 

You can find answers to the above questions by attempting the GRE quantitative reasoning diagnostic test. 

What is A GRE Diagnostic Test?

A diagnostic practice test is an early step to get you off on the right foot for your prep journey. 

Scholar Den’s quantitative diagnostic test is a version of the actual GRE test. The test contains questions from every topic within the GRE math syllabus

The quantitative diagnostic test helps you to: 

  • Understand your current mathematical skills
  • Understand your weak and strong areas.
  • Figure out the time you need to prepare for the GRE test.
  • Make a customized study plan for your target GRE score.

What You Need to Know About GRE Diagnostic Test

It’s best to go through basic GRE question formats so you can expect the type of questions you will see on the test. Getting familiar with these questions also helps you determine your current ability level. 

GRE Quant Questions Format 

The quantitative reasoning section contains four kinds of questions:


  • Multiple Choice – Select one answer 
  • Multiple Choice – Select one or more answers
  • Quantitative Comparisons – Determine which quantity is bigger
  • Numeric Entry – Enter your answer in a box


How Long is Quant Diagnostic Test

Allow yourself 20 minutes for Scholar Den’s GRE quantitative diagnostic test. It contains 20 questions from every topic within the GRE math syllabus

We offer a free GRE diagnostic test to help determine your mathematical skills. 

Go to www.scholarden.com/diagnostic

Join as a student and take the free quant diagnostic test. 

Once you complete the test, you will see your score on-screen. We suggest noting down your score for the next step. 

What Does Scholar Den’s Diagnostic Test Say About Your GRE Score?

First up, don’t discourage yourself if you score low. Before you begin your GRE prep, a diagnostic test is taken to evaluate your current mathematical abilities. The score is just a basic measure of your GRE abilities. That said, you should start preparing for your real test based on your performance in this practice test. 

No matter what your score is, Scholar Den can help. Take your next step based on your GRE practice test score. We recommend you to: 

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  • Improve your conceptual understanding if your score is less than 80% on Scholar Den’s diagnostic test
  • Attempt 750+ quiz questions available on the Scholar Den platform if your score falls between 80% to 90%
  • Practice tricker math questions if you achieve above 90% on diagnostic test

Start Your GRE Prep Journey At Scholar Den 

Finally, GRE preparation can be challenging without proper guidance. Lack of direction and general resources often leave students confused.  

Therefore, Scholar Den’s experienced mentors are here to help students. We offer step-by-step guidance and up-to-date material to make your prep smooth and manageable.

Scholar Den guarantees 15+ score improvement and a powerful learning framework. Work directly with our tutors to improve your score 2x faster. Get effective GRE tutoring and uncover solid study schemes to score 320+.